Let's take a look- KHL 6th SEASON CARD COLLECTION!

11 Nov, 2013

More recently we published information that the latest KHL 2013/14 card collection will see its daylight in January 2014. But today the time has come to introduce you with the KHL card collection itself. SEREAL and KHL Marketing, have taken care of exciting card series.

The new card collection will consist from a total of 20 different series. From the brightest moments of the past season, till the most current players and teams of the new season. Like in previous years, the basis of this card collection will consist from the basic series of all KHL teams. The collection will also contain original autographs of hockey players from the brand new 2013 Draft ceremony, as well as the biggest hockey stars who have fought on the KHL ice in the last few seasons.

A total of 34 packages will be found in one 6th season KHL card box. One package will consist of 5 player cards. Among the 34 packages - 4 EXCLUSIVE CARDS (Jersey or Autograph) and 10 parallels. Isn’t that great?

What would you say about Evgeny Malkin’s, Sergei Bobrovsky’s, and other major world star autographs in the new "Sharks on Ice" series? They too will be also found within the new KHL card collection.

In the upcoming future we will bring a more in-depth look in each of the series, revealing a more detailed information and a checklist of the series. As we are getting to know each series individually, together we can then sooner expect the new KHL season collection! Today, we offer you a look at some of the series from the new KHL collection.

·         Basic series 2013/14

·         Basic series 2013/14 (Parallel)

·         Clubs logo puzzle

·         Play-off battles 2013

·         KHL video-hit

·         KHL under the flag

·         The League's Finest 2012/13

·         5+1

·         2013 Final Series. Autograph

·         2013 Final Series. Jersey

·         2013 Final Series. Jersey - Double

·         2013 Final Series. Jersey - Quad

·         KHL Draft 2013. Autograph

·         KHL Draft 2013. Jersey

·         KHL Draft 2013. Jersey - Double

·         KHL Draft 2013. Letter

·         KHL Draft 2013. Autograph and patch

·         Welcome to the League! Medvescak

·         Sharks on ice

·         Signature

We hope that you will enjoy!

Sincerely yours,

SEREAL and KHL Marketing. 

KHL 6th season card collection


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