KHL 10th season collection- Retail & Hobby

Dear, collectors! Our KHL 10th season card collection is out! 
This time in two variations- Retail (Basic) and Hobby (Premium) edition boxes. 

You will be able to find 10 sub-series in the KHL 10th season card collection

The main sub-series: basic cards of players from 27 KHL clubs, 200 of them have 6 additional colour variations. 
SubSeries: Autographs of players from 27 KHL clubs. 
SubSeries: Coach Autographs
SubSeries: Mask- Autographs 
SubSeries: Autograph- The first season in the KHL
SubSeries: Closing ceremony of 9th season in KHL
SubSeries: Finals of KHL 9th season 
SubSeries: Game attributes (game jersey and sticks
SubSeries: WHL (base cards, autographs pf players)  
SubSeries: Ice Challange, Helsinki 2018 


What is difference between Basic and Premium boxes? 

BASIC (Red box) 
Box consists of 50 packs, 5 cards per pack. 

BASIC box hits: 
3 autographs (numbered up to 20)
4 parallels (Parallels from KHL Basic series 16/17. Numbered 1of5 or 1of10). 

 Case hit- Final Series 2016/17 (Playoffs winner SKA Saint Petersburg VS Metallurg Magnitogorsk)

PREMIUM (Blue Box) 
Box consists of 24 packs, 5 cards per pack.

PREMIUM box hits: 

5 autograph cards 
1 stick or jersey card 
2 numbered thick cards (autograph/ base)
1 parallel card 

Release date- To be set (estimated- End of February, 2018)

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