KHL 9th season card collection


KHL 9th season card collection consists of basic series and autograph series of all 28 KHL teams.

                            ON SALE IN OUR OFFICIAL WEB STORE FROM 20.05.2017

  In KHL 9th season card collection you can find following series: 
  •  Basic series (28 teams) 
  • Autograph collection series (28 teams) 
  • Welcome To The League! Kunlun Red Stars Beijing autographs
  • Coaches autograph series
  • The 1st season in the KHL- autograph series
  • Mask 
  • Mask- autographs
  • Goaltender

 A total of 50 packages will be found in one 9th season KHL card box. One package will consist of 5 player cards. Among the 50 packages - 11-12 EXCLUSIVE CARDS (as well as Parallel and Autograph)  

 Please contact us for more information as well as wholesale and retail info. 

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