"Sereal Sport" Ltd. is a sports card and sticker manufacturer. Its products for many years have been recognized by two popular sports - hockey and basketball - card collectors, fans, athletes and coaches.

"Sereal Sport" is now the world's second strongest - Kontinental Hockey League's official card and sticker manufacturer, that offers its products not only for Russian, European, but also global markets. 

"Sereal Sport" team cares, that sports clubs, athletes, as well as card collectors receive the best possible top-quality product.

Every season, based on the recommendations of the collectors, as well as the use of new technological solutions, "Sereal Sport" tries to offer  various new card upgrades.

"Sereal Sport" team is highly enthusiastic, our goal - to offer the highest quality products around the world, creating a special bond between card collectors and the corresponding sports and allowing them to be closer to their favourite athletes!

"Sereal Sport" always tries to hear out people's wishes and suggestions. By doing so, we try to involve card collectors and enthusiasts in the development of our production.

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